Who Wins The War

By C M Reddy • February 17, 2016

One of the admirable evolution in the God's Creation is "Human Mind", the prominent attribute of Human mind is "Thinking. This very "thinking" makes human beings stand apart from all creatures on this planet.

Animals also do think about their survival, they think to hunt, eat, mate and for all other natural urges. The human thinking has peculiar significance that we not only think for natural basic needs, but also for emotional needs like Happy and joy.

If I am not wrong the only creature that can smile on this earth is Human being, all these extra qualities are conferred through Human mind.

The entire Universe is being stabilised on the system of Duality, negative and positive. Except the God which is a single entity all other natural forces are dual in nature. So the human mind also, it has both positive and negative thoughts.

At this point I want to narrate a story. A professor was giving a lecture on good and bad emotions of human mind. He was describing that there are two "monsters" combating with each other within us humans. They are always at loggerheads. One of the monster having qualities of Anger, Envying, Arrogance, Fear, Greed, Guilt, Sorrow, Resentment, Inferiority, Lies, False Pride and last but not least the 'Ego'. The other monster has qualities of Love, Compassion, Courage, Benevolence, Joy, Kindness, Empathy, Generous, Peace, Truthfulness, Humility, Friendship and lastly the 'Hope and Faith. While he was continuing the lecture a student abruptly stood and questioned we know all these qualities, "but who will win the war finally."

The professor replied calmly "the monster you feed every day."


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