21 Ways To Attract What You Want

By Marah • February 17, 2016

Whenever I read these I find my spirits lifting.

Hope - detail something you Hope.

Prefer - state what you Prefer.

Anticipate - actively Anticipate your desires.

Decide - Decide to entertain your requests.

Covet - Covet blossoming assertion.

Express - Express your appreciations.

Mumble - Mumble thoughts of joy.

Move - Move to your drummer.

Explore - Explore the depths of your longings.

Breathe - Breathe the bouquet of your ambition.

Communicate - Communicate your wishes to others.

Aspire - Aspire to delight in your creative reveries.

Foster - Foster an amusing future.

Fly - Fly where no one has flown before.

Fly - Fly where you have never flown before.

Conspire - Conspire to create delicious connections.

Dare - Dare to die in a fulfilled life.

Touch - Touch from inside to savor the outside.

Make - Make the courage to step over your lines.

Foster - Foster tenderness within your nightmare.

Venture - Venture to lie in a field of excessive longing.

Beg - Beg for partiality toward your goals.


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