Wake-up Call

By Rick Euker • February 12, 2016

I dreamt I was standing at the pearly gates. The angelic gate keeper asked, "Who has this one inspired?" I sensed that my entry and happiness there depended on a show of hands. God stood there with his hands behind his back. Finally I realized it would be pretty hard to inspire God. Oh no!" I thought, "Am I supposed to inspire others?!" Frantically, as I looked around for hands held high, I woke up in a sweat.

Wiping my forehead I thought, "Thank God it was only a dream!" But I still have this strange urge to inspire someone. I wonder: would kindness inspire?, would bringing joy? would being helpful? would honesty help? would being hard working inspire? So many questions... maybe, as a backup, I could train my dog to raise his paw on command.


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