Awakening Heart

By Oneysa Mendoza • February 3, 2016

One Sunday afternoon, I was watching a talk show and this phrase caught me: "You are not hurt by the love you gave but you are hurt on how you expected to receive it."

I wonder, "what pain can I sustain?" Is when I see my love ones suffering from sickness or having a terminal disease or fired from my dream job. Sometimes, when adversity comes and things is not working in the way we planned it to be. Our belief system becomes fragile and we tend to analyze the circumstances we have. Until we are no longer stand the challenges we have, we focus on the negative thoughts in "What If's?" in our lives. If we could see how blessed we are in every small things we have right now and not to expect in return in everything we do, eventually your perspective towards life will change. Be thankful if you are hurting right now. It doesn't mean you're a loser or worthless. It's just that God wants the better version of yourself. I know, pain is the fifth inevitable senses that we have. Either it will destroy us or strengthen us. Every day is an opportunity to see the beauty of life. Stop comparing yourself. We are not same palm lines or hair strand because we are unique individuals. Individuals who has awakening heart to loved and to be loved.

May the God Bless you always.


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