The Ending Of A Good Friendship

By Zayn • January 31, 2016

It was the last day of high school. I had known my friend for 5 years. Thick or thin we went through it all. It was on this last day he said something which touched my heart. We stood outside on the football pitch watching some 12 year olds play football, jut reminiscing of the times we played football day in day out.

Which was exactly when this took place...

Me: look, I'm sorry for everything yeah.... like every time I got us both into trouble..

Him: its fine, don't worry about it, it was me too..

Me: hmmm, *sighs* we've had our good times and bad times huh

Him: No............... only good times.

I went home and thought about the last thing he said and it made me cry. Knowing that someone you saw everyday and talked to and knew personally and helped you..... is now someone of the past.....

Knowing that I may never see him again..........


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