From Dark Discoveries To The Road To Recovery

By Adam • January 25, 2016

My life as I knew it to my mind was very good. I was happy. I had goals which I was going to achieve in my life. I was working in my job but I didn't see the bumps in the path which I was going down on my journey and I never saw the twist and turns of my roller coaster ups and downs of my life which was going to come and haunt me.

So in 2009 my life changed forever for the worst and I went from a grounded content confident happy go lucky guy Which I was to a scared anxious panic stricken paranoid shell of the person I use to be and it was a massive shock to the system. And it was the realisation that I've had a massive breakdown in my mental health there was no trigger point for me and it was the scariest time of my life and I thought my favourite horror movie a nightmare on elm street was true as I was living in my real nightmare of my inner emotion and fears in my street and in my head and Freddy was my fear which I was experiencing in my maze of my disturbed mind which at the time I couldn't get out of my dead pool which I was drowning in my fears ,and depression for me it was like a wave of uncertainty of the great unknown and it was saying am I going to sink or swim but my inner strength was still there under my fragile mind set but I needed support and somebody to guild me bk on to the road to recovery I stayed in hospital for a 6 week period at the time I didn't realise how important the nurses in there was a big factor of my life which I left was being rebuilt I never forget all the things that I've been through but I needed to reboot myself to come back a stronger me but a new me the old person was gone but not forgotten it has evolved into a new happy person. I went on a mental health service called converge which gave me my structure back into your life by using creativity through the Arts IE.. Art, Theatre, Music, creative Writing, Contemporary dance, choir, music etc.. With a art based community of learners can enhance there interests and talents which can be brought out of each other for the better of there mental and physical health and when I started doing more creative things by going to these courses it helped me greatly in my new life from now on and the new me was born and a better way forward I was starting on. So it was very frightening dark discoveries but if you fight after a while you can break down the walls of depression and anxiety psychosis to be a better me. Don't get me wrong you can't be fully better but if it's controlled that in itself a massive achievement to other come my barriers.


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