An Elderly Woman Sitting In The Cold

By Nic • January 20, 2016

Today I was working in Lowes and it is very cold where I live for the area today. This elderly woman just bought barely what she could afford at Winco next to Lowes and she had come into the Lowes because she has no place to sit and wait for a cab to take her and her back home. Turns out she was sitting there over and hour with no way to get home, not enough money for a cab and no way to contact anyone. Another woman turned around and randomly asked her what she was doing sitting in the store and if she needed help, mind you this was another customer.

After a few minutes of conversation, the 45-ish year-old woman decided to give the 80+ year old woman a ride home free of charge no matter how many times she offered money the younger woman refused to take it.


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