Always Be Kind

By Lauri • January 14, 2016

A few years ago, I was in line at our local post office and behind me in line was a (obviously homeless) man. He was dirty and obviously hadn't bathed, combed his hair, or changed clothes in who knows how long. The others in line stood back several feet from him and had a distinct look of disgust on their faces. I hadn't even noticed him until the woman behind the counter had looked up, saw him and her facial expression grew angry and she rolled her eyes. It was then that I had turned to see what or who had spoiled her day. My eyes caught the eyes of this man, and he immediately looked away. I knew he felt shame, or embarrassment. I smiled at him and said a soft "Hello" he glanced up at me, and noticed I was talking to him. And for a brief moment smiled, and again looked down. I asked him how he was doing today, and mentioned it was a beautiful day to be outside... He quietly responded with a "yes maam", but did not engage any eye contact. By then the woman behind the counter called me and I went on to finish my tasks. When I turned to leave, I said to him "have a nice day" and carried on my way. As I was getting in my car, this man approached me and asked if he could help... (I use a wheelchair so I was doing what I needed to do) I told him "Thank you, but had it all under control." I half expected he was going to panhandle me and I was wondering if I had any change with me, then he said this "Maam, wanna say thank you for being so kind, ain't nobody talk to me so nice for a long time, you have a very nice day, and may God bless you"... Then he turned and walked away.


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