Live For God

By Sonia Kaur • January 12, 2016

I have read in a book that what you can give to God when you take everything from him. If you want to live for God then learn to live gracefully, accept everything coming in your way with full faith, be thankful and live for others.

Always remember one thing that whatever you need you are given. So always be thankful to God and accept everything without complaining because if you loose anything you already have, your life would be disturbed. Welcome each day and make the most of it because what you can do right now you can't do it tomorrow.

How to live for God? Live for his creation. You have many things to share with world. Your heart is full of love and compassion, give it. Take care of his plants, feed and help the poor, keep the city clean so that people can live healthy life, feed animals, birds and fishes. World needs your attention, give it whole heartedly.

If you give a gift to your loved ones, you except a little thanks. This is what God except from us. Be thankful to God that you are alive because what you can do right now, you can't do after your life. Fulfill your desires and others as well if you can.

Just go to an orphanage or old age home. You will realise your richness your blessings. You have a lot to share with. you will get a goal to live for others. Living for God is living for his creation.


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