Words Written On Sand And Stone

By C M Reddy • December 22, 2015

The story that is being narrated here, I have read from a website. It is interesting because the ways how we have to remember the deeds of other people in our life.

One day two friends were walking through the desert. Somewhere in the middle of the journey, both got into serious argument, the result of which one of them could not resist his anger and slapped the other in the face. Really he was hurt and immediately wrote on the sand:

"Today My best friend slapped me in the face"

Afterward they continued their journey till they found an oasis. There they wanted to rest for a while and prepared to take bath in the water. First the person who got slapped entered and got stuck in the mire, started drowning. The other who slapped his friend saved him from drowning. After the recovery from a near death he engraved the words on a nearby stone like this.

"Today my best friend saved my life"

The other got confused and questioned the difference. The friend replied that, whenever we get hurt by the behaviour or actions of someone we have to remember it like the words those are written on the sand where the winds of 'forgiveness' can easily erase it from our memories.

Whenever we got benefited or saved from a danger by somebody, we have to fix them in our mind like letters engraved on a hard rock permanently where the winds of forgetting can't erase them. This increases our gratitude and indebtedness towards the people who are genuine in their nature.

Therefore we have to inculcate a discipline that to erase the memories of hurting like words on the sand and to carry the gratitude of benefited or saved throughout our life like words engraved on a hard rock.


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