Make Patience Your Behaviour

By Sonia Kaur • December 13, 2015

I try to do my everything with little patience because I have realised that hurry converts small problems into bigger ones.

Make patience your behaviour because everyday we come across my things, situations, persons which make us loose our temper very easily but once we keep patience we remain with peace. Everything in hurry only makes you heartbroken.

Yesterday I have read in a book that patience means more patience, endless patience. Accepting life as it comes is a endless patience because everything happens for a reason. Sometime something is happening in our life against our will and wishes and we have to keep patience. Once we face that time with patience and the fruits we get afterwards, we realise that everything is beyond our expectation.

First of all in hurry you can't manage things properly and always loose your temper and temper creates quarrels and frustrations. So if you are in hurry first be patient and calm down and then start your work with patience. Your work will be completed properly and on time and leave you happy and satisfied. new ideas will strike in your mind. in hurry you mess up with the things. Relaxed mind will help you see things in different way. Problems are much smaller then your imagination.

If you are going somewhere out then first make a list then pack your bag so that nothing is left behind and you can enjoy fully without cribbing.

When you practice patience then you will realise the real meaning of 'slow and steady wins the race'. Results are always positive you will be successful where you go. Healthy mind is the root of healthy body. Patience means less stress and more relaxation.

If you make patience your behaviour then every work becomes enjoyable and you make less mistakes. With practice you will gain patience in every sphere of life specially you feel like a miracle where you found it very difficult to be patient.


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