Love Unconditionally

By C M Reddy • December 6, 2015

Sometimes it is very difficult to turn others toward us whom we love more than anything in this world. We crave for their attention & love, but they can't reciprocate as we do.

We can earn money, have a palatial house to live in, get all the fabulous material things in the world and lead a luxurious lifestyle by our talent, discipline and hard work but we cannot make others to love us in the same way as we do.

The love always must be unconditional without expectations. When we love others we have the feeling of possessiveness. We expect them to behave according to our wishes. There start the trouble of all misgivings and misunderstanding.

If we love a person, we have to let that person lives in his or her own way. The unconditional love we show or share should give complete freedom to that person. Then there will be a beautiful harmony between the two who are in love.

Osho said " if we love a rose, don't pluck it. Let it blooms to its fullest growth, then radiates it's beauty."

The unconditional love towards a person, give freedom where in he or she can grow, express themselves freely and share the same love with us.


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