Precious Memory

By Kay • November 23, 2015

I was about to go out the door of the Memory Care Center when Naomi, one of my favorite residents, asked if we could sing a song. Singing is something I did a lot of while I work at the Memory Care Center. I found that singing had a calming effect on the residents.

Naomi suggested her usual song, "Amazing Grace". We were singing "Amazing Grace" as we walked into the family room where there were about 9 or 10 residents sitting.

Seeing the group in the family room, Naomi had an idea. "Why don't we get in a big circle and hold hands and sing." "Why not!" I chuckled. We gathering the wheel chair people in the circle, and the rest who could stand, took their hands. Since we had already finished singing, "Amazing Grace" Naomi suggested we sing, "Jesus Loves Me".

Tears filled my eyes as I saw the look of peace and joy on each residents face as they sang, "Jesus Loves Me" swinging their arms to the tune.

Most of these people had no short term memory left, but they still had the 'precious memory' that Jesus loved them.


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