Truth Triumphs

By C M Reddy • November 23, 2015

Truth always triumphs and stands like unflinching tower.

Once there was a Jackal in the forest wandering for food, but could not get the stomach full meal. Every animal in the forest had very menial treatment towards the Jackal as it was weak and could not hunt for its food. But the jackal wondered about the tiger's popularity, every animal was afraid of the Big Cat. It hunts effortlessly and every animal had used to become prey for satiating its hunger. Then the Jackal got a marvelous idea, it had got its body fur painted with yellow & black stripes by herbal colors. Then every animal shocked to see the new kind of tiger breed and ran away from there. some animals who could not run fast fell prey for this false tiger. It had sumptuous meal every time for quite a season. It created a havoc among all the animals in the forest. Then the rainy season came with thunders and the first showers of the season in the forest wiped out all the color stripes from its body. Then the real texture of the Jackal had been revealed vividly to all and it was crushed to death.

The above story clearly envisages the moral that every truth has its time to be revealed.

We have the misconception that all the wrong doers go Scot free with the luxurious life to enjoy.

All the short cuts and mischievous deeds pay well to fulfill our materialistic dreams.

All the good people on the earth are there to suffer without any promising future.

But always the cinder of truth shrouded by the ash burns when a wind blows through it.

Though the life built on false things may yield wealth & comforts but that can not stay very long and ultimately the life ends with ignominious death.

But the virtuous life despite of its long suffering & wait would result in the benefits of grace.

Ultimately the Truth triumphs always.


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