Ignore What People Say

By Sonia Kaur • November 18, 2015

People always talk negativity though it is related to our skills, our relationship, about illness. Very few people talk about positivity. Can people judge you when they don't know what is in your heart. You yourself is a better judge so judge yourself by analysing your thoughts and actions.

Don't spend your life in proving yourself. When you accept yourself then you don't need others acceptance. All successful people have faced public rejections but still they tried hard because they believed in themselves instead of public opinion.

Don't believe in gossipings because everybody has their own point of view. Gossiping provokes you to make wrong judgments.

People always point out your weakness. Ignore them and recognise your strength. I have seen that parents often say to their kids that follow other.if he is doing why can't you and we become fool and keep on trying to prove ourselves that we can also do. Like this we are putting ourselves into depression.

Listen to your heart and follow your dream no matter it is big or small but it will give mental peace , pleasure and make you contended.Put all your energy in chasing it rather then listening to people. If you are willing towards your goal then all the power of universe will help you to achieve it.


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