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By Spread The Word • November 18, 2015

Sometimes love is not enough, sometimes we have to believe in ourselves for the love to grow, and to expand. His power is immense but it can only exist in our self-love and to the love of the entire humanity.

There are no terrorists or victims. There are only human beings in the wrong place at the wrong time, following their own way of life in their own comprehension of the world.

It will stop, it will stop when we will understand that peace needs us to accept ourselves and everybody else as they are, good or bad.

We have to love unconditionally, absolute compassion, forgiveness!

No excuses for our actions of betrayal of humankind but forgiveness for those who are also victims of our world at risk.

Raise yourself in front of this world and create a new one full of love, connection and compassion.

Serenity has to go through crisis, happiness will come.

It is hidden but will be revealed one day, soon.

Love is around, more and more powerful and the darkness is reacting to this fear of losing what it already has.

But the light is becoming stronger, people are united. Unity is the secret, unity is the light's strength. Light substitutes to darkness.

There are more people in the light than in the darkness even if we can't hear them that much.

Sing, sing out your love to the world, to the beauty, for its unlimited beauty, without frontiers, religions or political parties. Sing out your love, enlighten the world with your inner peace, serenity and love.

Peace will come, it is within reach. Believe it and create it as your inner love is, this immense love everybody has. Peace is in everybody's heart.

Express more and more peace and love.

Love <3

I love you,

Thank you



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