Life's Journey

By C M Reddy • November 9, 2015

"I felt humiliated, insulted & above all some invisible force from zenith of the sky suppressed deep in to the earth. There was no other go, I have to bear with the pain, the stoic silence & the feeling of deserted. Complete darkness around me"

Nevertheless now I am searching for a vent to come out & the farthest light that show at least a direction for my journey. I am deep down inside the earth but synthesising roots for better support for my growth above the soil & for my lavished green branches to sprawl around the area in the next future.

Always the Happiness and pleasure give superficial feeling of delight. This pleasure floats us in a temporary wave where we don't focus on our strength and abilities. We forget our destiny. But the sorrow and pain give a chance to introspection of ourselves and motivates us to strive hard to come out of the worst conditions. Then there is a realisation of what we are & for which purpose we are really meant for.

For a beautiful tree to be grown, first we have to sow the seed in the soil where beneath the ground the seedling ruptures through the seed wall and form the roots for support and then the hard trunk with branches & leaves grow above ground. For a pleasant purposeful life we need some hardships from whom we learn essential things for our personal growth.

The Sun rises above the horizon to give day light & warmth, later in the evening sets below horizon to give way to darkness & cold. Here is a natural rhythm always in a equilibrium & then seasons in complete harmony. What a wonderful creation we are living in. Same is the case with human life, we cannot rejoice the pleasures without pains.

Pain - Pleasure, Sorrow - Delight, Anger - Compassion all these emotions are transitory, they come and pass away. We shall not be wavered for the above and to be in a constant state of awareness and walk on our path of life's journey.


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