The Humanity Need

By Charles Peter • October 30, 2015

As with many and different stories I have read so far; I wish to also share my life experience through out the world, as I believe there will be someone, somewhere at a place a far or nearer to me who will be touched and helped in one way or another.

For far too long, I have been asking myself, what do I need the most? Further whats the reason for my existence? I want to talk about the first one, as the second I come to see different people have different beliefs and culture, so sometimes becomes very difficult to agree.

What I find out, humanity what we need most is RELATION. We need it the most. It comes through a number a ways. Might be normal friendship; sexually relationship or any other type of relation. We need to be seen and appreciated by others. Even the notorious murderers, still need a friend, someone to have relation with. Alone we are not complete. It's like we are just one very huge body, whereby each contribute something. Trust me, you are not here by mistake. Each of us we have a reason, to be here, to relate to other for the better of the whole world.

It's a shame to see people forget that sometimes. Others see themselves as better than others, other thinks they have the higher value than others. Others thinks that they deserve more in life than others.

Even after many wars, you find people then back to piece treaties...... why? Because they need relation again, they need to feel recognition again by those people.

Natural relations, most of the time leads to LOVE. True LOVE. Which is very important in the day to day life in this planet earth.

So, I call upon you; please don't break those relation you have.... no matter how crazy it may seem. It will take too much from you to rebuild it again. Please let's love one another; let's find our completeness up on the eyes and lives of the other.

You all be blessed.


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