Forgot The God?

By C M Reddy • October 28, 2015

"Forgot the God"........?

Often we question ourselves when we are overwhelmed with comforts, luxuries & cool life which is always elusive and blinds us from the forthcoming hardships.

In the recent past I could not write in this website because my daily life has become too busy owing to my new job posting in Govt sector. Always the people visit me for their works done & managing the administration of a local body has made me ignorant of spiritual thinking and turn off me from the mere rememberence of Almighty. The comfortable life styles which bring delight & joy convince our mind and intellect that the happiness we rejoice would come out of all these material luxuries.

We seldom think that all our fate is linked to our past actions and subtle manifestation of invisible cosmic mechanism which we otherwise called as 'God'. Today my Subordinate employee encountered a difficulty due to his family conflict which ultimately end up in complaint lodged in police station by his spouse for domestic violence. Cops came to take him to custody while he was waiting for the bail from the court of law. He requested me to come to his rescue to talk to police authorities what I did spontaneously, but they did not listen and insisting on their duty. For three hours the tussle continued during which I prayed God silently to help him that if he is innocent of the misdeed he should be saved or else he shall be left to his fate. Almost he was taken to custody the much awaited bail arrived & this employee got huge relief.

Now I am sure if we pray for others to get ridoff their troubles, the 'Almighy' certainly heed to our prayers. He is all pervading and omnipresent.

He is there in helping hands.

He is there in strength to fight against life hardships.

He is there in attitudinal change that ignites our personal growth.

He is there in the discipline & hard work that brings success.

He is there in the farthest light which shows right path in the complete darkness.

He is there in the cause to our birth & journey of life towards our destiny


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