Mama's Boy: For My Mom, My Inspiration

By Eljhon Benny Burbano • October 19, 2015

Mom thank you for everything, for loving me unconditionally, I know for everything you've done to me it's not payable with money, because it's priceless, I really don't know how to thank you, because you are almost perfect, mother, wife, sister, friend, colleague etc.

I will just make you proud of me, mom in everything I do in life is for you, I got graduated and got a nice job because of you. Mom, I'm just here to protect you and take care of you from now till you get old. I know I can't repay you and the verbal thank you isn't enough, I know you don't want us to repay you because all you want is the best for us.

Mama I hope you're proud of me, my achievements are dedicated for you, thank you for inspiring, motivating, loving and taking care of me. Mama, allow me to give you what I wanted for you, that's to give you a better life, if I won't get married and have kids in the future it's okay as long as you're there and you're with me. Thank you very much mama and take care.


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