Be Thankful

By Sonia Kaur • October 12, 2015

Have you ever counted your blessings, if yes then you must be thankful to God. If not then you are full of complaints and regrets.

Once I was asked for prayer thread "what I want"? My mind was giving me lots of answer but I was searching an answer given by my heart. It took 24 hours and finally my heart said I have everything I need and on that time I was full of thanks for God.

God has provided us so many bounties I.e food to eat, air for breath, country to live, parents for our raising us up, Society to live with, trees for fruits and wood etc. Many countless thing without any demand. Everything we are given according to our need has its own benefits.

Whatever God has given you is best for you. Don't imitate others or demand life like others because you don't know their pain and griefs. Nobody is like you in the world then why to be like others. You are unique. If you really want to thank God then accept everything in your life without complaining then you will realise your life is full of happiness, you are full of love, you are so beautiful.

Whenever you feel low don't get upset just go to anyone and listen to his pain then you will realise that world is full of grief. Some griefs are beyond your imagination and you become thankful. We should always be thankful to our parents because after God they are living God. They go through so much hardship in raising us up.


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