Freezing Moment

By Sumyat Swezin • October 6, 2015

Now, I rarely take pictures & I no long keep a regular diary.

Some years ago, writing in my diary used to be my favourite activity and I was crazy with taking pictures although I am not a photogenic. Now I only write in my diary when I need to jot down a special thought or feeling and I take pictures - but not very often now. I'm no longer infatuated with having something to remember when I grow old. I realized that life will simply pass me by when I still behind the camera, too preoccupied with freezing the present so as to live it in the future. Maybe I won't have many exact representation of people and places, maybe I'll forget certain facts, but at least the experience will always remain inside me.

I don't live to make memories - I just live and the memories form themselves.


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