Believing Works! 4.0

By Nicole • January 19, 2012

I'm in college, and at the beginning of last quarter I wrote a paragraph of academic goals that I wanted to accomplish. I had been on the 'Dean's List' several quarters in a row, and was very close to getting a 4.0 several times. I wrote that I finally wanted to get all As this quarter, and began writing a little 4.0 at the top of all of my assignments. I tried to battle off my stress and negativity and in the end it paid off! I pulled up my grades at the end of the quarter, and saw that I had received all As in all of my courses!

By visualizing my academic success, I was able to finally reach my goal!

In the future I will do my best to stop negative thinking before it becomes an obstacle in my being awarded by the Universe, and continue to believe in myself now that I know what I am capable of.


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