The Art Of Letting Go

By CeL • September 29, 2015

"By letting go, you allow everything to find its rightful place. Once free, everything finds its way home."

Sometimes, love isn't enough to make a relationship strong, you have to considered each weaknesses and strength. Besides, there's no perfect relationship anyways, only human makes it complicated. Indeed, respect each other regardless the status. Trust each other regardless the distance. That's how love is being stirred and formulated.

But if love engulfed with pains, instead of happiness, and it's hurting you too much. Then, you have to make a barrier out of the negativity that pulled you down. It is by letting go. It sounds arduous, but it turns out the best decisions that will definitely makes you feel relief. You might hear other people say, “If you love someone, never let it go.” But contrary to that belief, “If you love someone you have to let it go, let him happy even if it is never with you.” It is much harder if you still holding on to someone that brings out stressed in you. Moreover, relationships will most akin to fizzle out if you're the only one who's fighting for it.

Acceptance is the best way to move on. Accept that you are not really meant to be. Things can't go back to what it was before. Change occurs accordingly, even it is not planned. But if you're always looking back to the days that you've been together, you can't make yourself happy 'coz the path that you shouldn't suppose to stay is like trudging an uphill climb. Make a first step; it is by letting go without turning back. Past is past. Don't let your past ruin your present, and never let your past will hurdle your future. Remember, life will make a room for the one who deserves you if you let go of the one who is hurting you.

Fix yourself. Don't cry over the spilled milk. Smile because certain thing happens for a reason. Everything will be fine at the right time, place, and person. Don't rush in finding someone to love, instead, wait at God's perfect time. Then, let go of being contrite on the things that you want to be with. If you are meant to be, time will give him back to you. It is a matter of time and patience. When everything finds its rightful place, God will place your hands to the man who'll makes your life complete.


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