Pink Angels In The Sky, A Breathtaking And Mysterious Moment Of Awe

By Mary York • September 12, 2015

Each month Hospice Volunteer Reflections are shared on the Windows Within Project. Hospice Volunteer, Sky Yaesayer, shared this lovely story in her own words:

"I have a great story; it was so profound. I had a patient who was a huge Cincinnati Reds fan and even though I was allowed to take him outside, we never went outside because there was always a baseball game on. Even though there were days that were nice, we just had to sit inside and watch baseball. And then the beginning of November arrived, a time when playoffs were done and basketball had not picked up yet. There was a window of non sports time and we went and sat outside - it was the first time I went outside with him. And, it was so nice because the leaves from mature trees were gathered on the ground, and while sitting on a bench the sun was coming toward our backs but it was illuminating all of the leaves that were in front of us.

Without having other people around, it was the first time we sat in silence with no external noise to interfere with our time together. It dawned on me that it was the first time I had ever been alone with him. It was also one of the only times I heard him acknowledge the beauty of the world, but it took being out in it to make that happen.

The sky was actually changing colors by the minute, pinks, blues and gold. It was just so nice to see these changes in the sky as he was telling me stories. I was having a hard time being present with him because I like the outdoors so much and I was so distracted by these colors. But there were these clouds above his head that grabbed my attention – they looked like Pink Angels.

So, I finally had to point them out to him. He turned around and looked at them and we were both in awe - we just sat there in awe of this natural and mysterious beauty. And, we stayed outside until it was dark.

That day was the most joyful of times we spent together, to be able to experience those beautiful things with him."


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