God Is More Than Anything

By CeL • August 29, 2015

"Don't trust anybody because even your shadow will leave you during your darkest time." A hackneyed phrase but it's true. You really know who your true friends are unless when you're both in a situation that someone will tell an outright lie to get sympathy from others. Even your friends know the truth, but they kept their mouth shut, they can't even protect you when you need them the most. It's a situation that measured the essence of friendship.

I tried to rein back my emotions. I don't want to utter words that might break their heart as well, even though they're left me behind. I tried to be strong, not being affected with what they've done; even I am totally broken inside. I know they did it to protect themselves, to flee from the eyes of the criticisms. But the blame was on me, a pathetic scene when people pointed their fingers upon me even they didn't know the real story behind. God only knows the truth.

When no one cares to lift me up, when no one listen to what I says, when no one hears the truth, when I only help them but it turns out my fault, and when my friends forsaken me… I found myself holding together with my both hands and PRAY. I didn't care for what other people say about me, besides, they didn't know me right from the start. I cared for what God knows about me, it is more important than what other thinks about me. I felt relieved and contented because God is more than anything


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