Create Your Life

By Sonia Kaur • August 6, 2015

It is up to you, you want to accept your life as it comes or create your life according to your wish. What you want in your life, then first learn to give then you will get back it in abundance.

If we are thankful to god for what we have then we are attracting more blessings and if we are ungrateful for everything we have, then we are loosing our blessings.

If you think of illness then you will definitely get ill. If you think bad for others then also you are attracting the same for yourself. Do good and always ask good for others.

Charity and sharing are the major part of creating your life. "What you give is what you get." But why people become stingy in giving and sharing. Sharing food with poor always impresses god. He also wants rich to take care of needy .

Society also plays a vital role in creating our life. Do select good friends or live alone then to have a bad company. Spend time with elders there experiences are helpful . Books can also create our life, if we read about successful people. How they met challenges and became what they dreamt of.


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