By Chandramouli Reddy • July 28, 2015

Yesterday, our former President of our nation passed away while he was delivering an inspiring lecture to a large gathering of students in a premier institution. He was the one great personality who inspired almost every brought up student in our nation through his simple lifestyle though he held high positions in public life. Born in a poor family, mediocre in school studies, never married, maintaining strict celibacy through his entire life of 83 years and great visionary of our nation once said the following indelible quote to inspire millions of students.

"Everyone shall have Dreams, the real Dream is not one we get while we are in sleep. But that Dream which does not let us sleep until it is cherished to the end"

It is obviously true. We have many dreams, goals and objectives to be fulfilled or reached. But in that process we encounter so many hindrances and face hardships. But who doesn't let him to rest or become complacent would reach the desired objective.

Before reaching the winning point always there is a breaking point for human capabilities. The strenuous work done, the long awaited time and the difficulties in the journey towards success cause fatigue to individuals who are in the race. Many people lose the perseverance and patience at that point. They almost withdraw mentally from the race. But the ultimate winners never lose at that breaking point, they strive hard even the physical and emotional fatigue pulls back. With the intensified extra efforts they reach the winning point.

This is the basic difference between losers and winners, only a small margin through which one has to pass makes big change in the competition. Every human being on the earth has almost equal capacities, but it is their positive attitude & relentless hard work make them winners. These outstanding personalities always become the source of inspiration for thousands of people.


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