Don't Intoxicate Yourself With Negative Feelings

By Adede Owalla • July 23, 2015

Yesterday afternoon, I went back home and found the door to my house opened. It was not broken into because the Padlock was safely undone and placed on the roof of the kennel where we normally put it and beside it was a paper bag filled with traditional vegetables. On the door mat was a pair of shoes belonging to my wife and this gave me reassurance that it was her who had opened the door. This was unusual because we stay in this house with her and she is always the one coming late in the evening from job so I didn't expect her in the house at that time. Being a banker, the nature of her job requires her to reconcile her books and this would make her stay out till around 7:30 pm in the evening.

I got into the house and headed directly to the bedroom where I presumed she was because she was not in the sitting room. I found when she had covered her face with a blanket and when I entered the bedroom section, she became quite emotional and started weeping uncontrollably. I tried to ask her what was wrong but she couldn't explain it and instead became more remorseful. I guessed that maybe she had been informed that one of her relatives was dead and so I didn't want to take her fast. I seated her down on the bed and brought her a glass of water to drink and help her cool down.

When she had already settled, she told me, "Am fed up with my job, some clients applied for loans two weeks ago and I was charged with ensuring that the processing of the loans are fast tracked. The bank has delayed to process these loans and some customers have been calling me and insulting me, on phone and social media. The bank administrators have been too slow to respond to the applications and I feel this is a punishment." I looked at her keenly and told her, "Darling, if you want to shed tears because of what people say or think about you, then your tears will fill barrels before you die. Your bitterness won't help in finishing your enemies but will help them in finishing you."

The pain of being insulted might sometimes be strong, but still, it costs us nothing to forget and move on.


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