Prayers Are Always Answered

By Sonia Kaur • July 22, 2015

Prayer is a direct network to god.

When we pray, automatically faith arises within us that god is listening, we feel god is nearby. After prayer is done we feel relaxed and light. Prayer from heart is always answered.

why prayer is not answered- When we ask something and want something else then prayer is not answered. Prayer creates a healthy relationship with god. It is a constant communication with god.

All prayers are granted but at the right time. Some early and some late. Have faith in god and keep on praying.

In a book "happiness is an inside job" I have read that if your prayers are not answered then pray in a different way - then your prayer will be answered. A wise man says "remove 'I' from your prayers, your prayers will be granted."

By praying regularly we are not only grateful to god but also feel positive and contended. Every time we feel unseen force protecting and caring for us, unexpected happiness, help during adversity is all by grace. All problems get solved. Life becomes happy.


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