To The Police Officer Who Was Just Here

By Chris • July 16, 2015

You've shown a face of the police the media almost never get to see. The two times I've called the police on neighbor, who is schizophrenic, extremely delusional, and needs help because he stopped taking his medicine when he moved here, it's been you that's shown up. Even though you couldn't help me get the help he needs, you have come to visit him every day just to make sure he is okay.

Today, you came on your day off with your husband and brought him a microwave, fridge, and food to eat since you realized he had none of these things the other day. Out of your own pocket. Without anyone to asking you to. On your day off.

I don't give a damn what people say about the police, especially in the present climate. You just showed me what it means to be a true caring human being. What it means to be a Police Officer. To help those in need. I wish everyone could see what you have done here today.

I tip my hat to you.


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