Memories Stagnate Us In The Past

By Adede Owalla • July 16, 2015

In February last year, I lost one of my best friend and a fellow Poet Christine, who was popularly known as "Princess Socrates " among her Kenyan fans. Her death was a big blow to me and to those who knew her and being that it happened through a road accident, it hit us so abrupt and sudden that our hearts got no chance to rehearse for the impending sorrow. A week before her death, we attended a poetry event at the University of Nairobi and after the event, there was a party dubbed "A night of Limitless words." I remember how she used to dance to the Afro fusions with Salsa movements and how she used to say that "Life is Limitless", I think Christine was wrong. Life basically has limits and that is the sad reality.

Last week, I went to her grave to place a flower and at least reignite the sweet memories of our time with her. I shed tears when I saw the grass that covered the grave of this innocent soul. She dreaded darkness, and there she was his grave lying on the field where loneliness is a norm. Her father found me shedding tears at the grave side and told me, "My Son, memories will stagnate you in the same state of both mental & physical development, the world is moving and so do we; Forget the past and focus on the future. When you are living in the present, set your eyes on the future and not the past; Christine is gone and will not come back to life, it is upon you to design your life whilst life is still in you..."

Whatever worst or best memories from the past you carry to the present, let it not swallow your plans and focus for the future. Be blessed.


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