Life Is All About What You Make It

By Akansha Patel • July 13, 2015

An old proverb I always heard: "If you put cactus herb on the ground, do not expect roses from it."

This is very well saying proverb which describes our life in a different way (i.e give to get). We all want love, respect, attention, care, so just start to give your whole love, respect to that person whom you love. There is no second doubt that when you start to give love other person at the same time you create a world for you which is full of love. This is the simple way to make your life. When we start to criticize other people for their action, we are creating a world of frustration, hate. So to make your life wealthy and prosperous love is the most important ingredient whether love to your work for success in professional life or love to people to get good relation.


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