Our Thoughts Define Who We Are

By Sonia Kaur • July 1, 2015

If we think evil, we are evil. If we think good, we are good. It reveals your personality, what type of person you are. If you want to know yourself then examine your thoughts.

Good and positive thoughts - always think good so that wherever you go, you give positive vibrations. Good things start happening. Good thoughts improves your looks as well. People around you start enjoying your company.

Evil and negative thoughts - never think evil it will give you nothing but only sadness. Negative things start happening. Moreover your health gets effected by negative thoughts. Depression, anxiety, digestion, mental disorders are the major cause of negative thoughts. They become disliked by people because of rudeness. Life becomes hell.

Thought of God - sant kirpal singh ji says when you follow or think of God you will go, where God is.

Gautam Budha says: "Thoughts become intention, intention becomes actions and actions become our behavior. May god bestows his blessings upon us so that we can become a person of good conduct."


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