Expect The Unexpected

By Dirbubba • June 25, 2015

There was a shipped that crashed among the rocks of a small island. This ship carried religious monks who were tasked to spread the word of God to a nearby country. After the crash, all of the shipmates and monks got off the ship to make camp. While coming off the ship, and onto the beach, the monks encountered three men, who will local to the shipwrecked island. The monks were in despair. The monks explained, to the local men, that their journey was lost. Soon, the water would be frozen to their destination, and their journey would be impossible.

Even in despair, the monks continued with their daily prayers. The three men were curious about their religion, and asked the monks to teach the prayer to them. The three local men learned and memorized the prayer. The three men became very devout with this prayer, and said the prayer many times throughout the day.

After many weeks, the ship was fixed. The monks became very close to the three local men on the shipwrecked island, and everyone was sad to part. The ship took off from the beach, and the three men began to recite the prayer that they learned. As they were waving goodbye, each of the three men stumbled over the words of the prayer. They panicked and realized that they had forgotten the prayer.

In fear of never seeing the monks again, the three men ran out to the ship, which was hardly in sight. As the three men approached the ship, they cried out for the monks to please help them remember the words of the prayer, and to please pray to God for them. The monks looked at the three men in amazement. The three men were floating on water. The one monk spoke up and said to the three men, “It’s not we that should be praying for you, it’s you that should be praying for us.”

In all of the despair, and what they thought was an unsuccessful journey, the monks finally saw that it was God's Will to shipwreck them on that island, and to teach the local three men about their God, and in turn, the three men served as an inspiration and uplifting miracle for the monks.


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