Ek Andhera Lakh Sitare

By Jyoti • June 25, 2015

In this big world there are different kind of people, their living style, culture and language but, surprisingly one thing is common and that is time. It plays it's role everywhere some time bad and sometime good. I am sure most of us in our lives have seen the bad time.

Today while watching TV, I heard this song called "Ek andhera lakh sitaare, Ek nirasha lakh sahaare." Really these lines have got such a deep meaning. Most of the successful people have got rejections at some point of time and they have taken them in a positive spirit and welcomed the positivity of the world and moved ahead.

As far as I feel bad time always prepare you for the best and gets best out of you. I know when we go through that time it's really hard to realize that something good is waiting out there for you and that is the time we get someone or the other who becomes our strength, motivation and helps to fight. The only thing we need to do is to accept the challenge and take one step ahead rather then sitting and letting it go just like that.


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