A Friend

By Sonia Kaur • June 24, 2015

You know why we all are crying? Because we keep on asking despite of giving. Lets start giving. Despite of searching for a good friend, lets give a genuine friendship. The world needs a good friend and you are a good friend. Look at yourself - there is a good friend in you. In searching, perhaps we get a good friend or not but in being a good friend we will get uncountable friends.

Why we are alone is because we have left someone alone in their time of need. Friends means to love and take care of each other, live happily and together, give full support in the time of need, be a good listener. You won't get a good friend until you be a good friend.

Trust - friend means trust. In one you trust blindly. Never break trust and your trust will never be broken. Fulfill your friends life with friendship.

Best friendship is being friendly with God. God is the only one who understands our silence. God is very helpful, remains a friend without expectations.

If you want to enjoy friendship then never expect, only give. Fulfill your friend's life with friendship, love, happiness, loyalty, trust , share their feeling and respect each others opinions and be encouraging etc. and you will see your own life full of happiness.


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