Walking Into Heaven

By Joseph J. Mazzella • May 28, 2013

I love sunrises. I always have ever since I was a little boy. There is something so wonderful about walking outside at the break of dawn and seeing that glorious light drive out the darkness. That is why last Winter during the darkest part of the year, I bought a calendar full of sunrise pictures. I wanted to be able to wake up in the morning and gaze at that lovely light, even if it was still dark outside.

When I turned to this month's picture the other day, I was amazed. It was even more beautiful than the others and it spoke to my soul. In it there was a stone paved pathway with a little wooden fence on one side of it. This pathway was built along the top of a ridge line of rolling hills covered in green grass. You could see it continuing on as the sun rose in the distance. The entire sky too was full of wondrous, white clouds and streams of glorious, golden light. This peaceful pathway was so full of blessed beauty and divine delight that I wanted to step right into it. I felt like if I could just be on that path that I could walk right into Heaven.

Life's path, of course, is a lot tougher than the one in that calendar picture. It is rocky, rough, and winding. It is full of problems and pains, trials and tragedies, falling down and getting back up again. Yet, you still can walk it into Heaven if you choose. You just need to walk it with a loving heart and a faith filled soul. You just need to reach out, take God's hand and allow Him to guide you step by step. You just need to stop along the way, bend down, and help up any others who may have fallen as well.

God loves us and wants us all to travel home to Heaven. He wants us to walk the path with love. He wants us to make the journey in joy. He wants us to help people whose steps have stumbled. He wants us to leave a lifetime of Heavenly footprints for others to follow.


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