The Best Birthday Gifts You Give To Yourself

By Chubby Cheeks • June 16, 2015

27 candles will be on my cake next month. To me it means a number of things and I intend to celebrate my descent into my thirties with the vigour of the entire carnival in Brazil. I've survived self sabotage and short selling myself on things I truly wanted because of thinking its way above me. I'm finally watering my own garden, owning my stilettos and believing they look best on me. I'm no longer stuck on letting external circumstances determine how I feel about myself. I've learnt to keep my cup full-keep my own personal cheer leading squad in my head and keep my chin up.

I'm in tune with what it means to find peace in my home, I expect less from my husband and appreciate more of whatever he chooses to do. I'm learning that love is forgiveness and also the ability to forget-to not recall yesterdays pain in today's argument is the best thing I can do for my marriage. I'm opening up and acknowledging that I am his and he is mine and I intend to rock this boat forever.

I know what friendship is now, I understand that we don't have to call each other everyday nor see each other often, but the moment I need help a friend drops it all to get a sister back on track. Now that's love to me.

I'm also fully cognizant of the fact that I don't have most answers, I have a lot to discover and I have a lot to learn about myself and others. That opens a whole new door of infinite possibilities and prospects to who I can become. As I grow I hold on to my fundamentals of things I don't want to lose. Things that make me me and things that make me unique. I don't want to stop feeling. An innate sense of awareness that roots and guides most decisions- whether you call it gut feeling or a sixth sense-its a diminishing gift among today's people. I don't want to lose my ability to love-I refuse to let anyone drain me of my warmth and ability to render a hearty hug, a gentle stroke and a warm presence. I don't want to lose my ability to adapt -it's vital, quite frankly its the only way to stay alive. Lastly the ability to be prepared- I don't like surprises and unforeseen turns. I don't want to lose the understanding of time and its impermanence.

Whether financially, physically and any other way to be able to protect yourself is critical. Take care of yourself in so doing the loved ones around you will benefit from all the gifts that come from being around you.


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