Why To Love God

By Sonia Kaur • June 15, 2015

God is omnipresent. Everything is under his control. He is truth. We realize the worth of God when we are in hard days and feel that we are helpless and only god can help us out.

God is the best listener, he listens us patiently without interruption our all prayers, foolish talks. He talks with us through our intuitions, messages, dreams etc.

God is generous and compassionate. He takes care of our little things which we forget but he doesn't. God loves us unconditionally that is why he forgives us so easily.

What can we give to God besides our time? Nothing. We ourselves are fullfilled by God. God bestows his blessings every time. In return we can give God by using his blessings properly I.e hands. We can use it in so many ways in sewa like we can feed and help others, preparing langar (food) in gurdwaras, taking care of plants, as Mohomad Saab said "picking up banana peels and nails from the road" etc etc. So always be thankful to God for everything you are blessed for.

God's promise. God says you give from your pocket to needy, I will give you from my pocket.


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