Trucks And Momma Ducks

By Kellan • June 9, 2015

While driving into work this morning, I came up on one of the great big FedEx trucks - the double trailer kind - stopped in the right hand lane. No blinkers, no turn signal, nothing. I thought he had broken down. There was a sedan in the left lane and it came to a stop as well. I had the windows open and I could hear the truck driver very, very softly blowing the air horn. I was so confused! Then I saw them. Little ducklings waddling across our lanes. They had made it across the opposite lanes but were now milling around, a little lost. Then all of a sudden, here comes Momma Duck to herd her babies safely across the road! I then realized what the truck driver was trying to do: get the babies across the road by trying to imitate Momma Duck's call. What a sweet thing to do! You know those FedEx drivers are trained to get wherever they are going quickly so stopping in the middle of the road to get some baby ducks out of harm's way? That's a special person right there! And the person in the sedan wasn't budging either until those babies were done moving, so I was blessed to see two loving, kind people this morning.


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