Love You Dad

By Sai Priya.obillaneni • May 28, 2015

I was born to my parents after 14 years of their marriage at the age of 4 I was sent to city with my aunt for my education. I was always far away from my parents. I always felt bad about it and I got an impression that my parents don't love me. I am from a middle upper class family but when I was in my 6 standard my father got a severe health problem. My father suffered for 2 years, there was nobody who helped us. We were in the hospital and mama told me that dad wants to talk with me , then dad told me that you are the best thing in my life love you bata. I then came out of the room, I remembered many things that dad had done for me. One day I called dad and I cried that I want to see him it was 9 p.m and I slept he came at 12 o'clock to see me. After dad's health problems, everything changed and we are financially very weak. Dad made me study in a prestigious institution as I wish dad had done every thing that I want he never told me no (in any situation). I never understood him he has done every thing for me. But I has done nothing for HIM. My dad plays, fights, encourages, loves and guides me. He is an all rounder. He is my superhero. I wanted to solve each and every problem of you and wanted to give you all the happiness in the world. There are many children like me who don't understand there parents. Whatever they do they do for our sake. Please give them some attention and respect them, they will be the most happiest person.

Friends! You're the world of your parents... so understand now or it will become too late.

It's just my humble request.



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