Keep Fighting

By Totneg • May 11, 2015

Where do I begin?

My story is basically starts with me, my journey, my challenges, and sacrifices and how to dwell in life. For those students who are willing to pursue studies but no one can afford to send you to school even if you have a complete family but the thing is, are they really care?

First and foremost I came from an average level of a family, average because when you say poor, for me poor means it owns nothing but an anxious life. However, when I started to open my mind for what has life has to offer I was so very young and I told myself whatever it takes I will not surrender nor give up to pursue my studies. So i supposed to be a working student since then to support myself, I do work on the evening and study in the morning. I usually slept for just 4 hours every day. But ooops!!! My job is a call center agent at nighttime and a regular student in daytime. Bur for this sacrifices that I had, I told myself that this is not a long term process; things will fall into place at the right and perfect time. For having perseverance, persistence, patience and prayers the 4 P's for success is my formula and the best thing above all is to seek guidance to God. Life is tough if we donít know how to dwell on it but life is simple and majestic when God is around protecting and loving you.

So, whatever you are, who you are, where you come from if you have ambition, go soar and hit the mark for it whatever it takes because success is within you and it's a state of hardships and circumstances. God will really test you if you are really brave to pursue your Goal. Keep Believing, Keep Praying and Keep FIGHTING!!! Ajah!


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