The UPS Delivery Guy Saved The Lives Of 4 Dogs And A Human (me) Today

By Dep • May 4, 2015

This is CRAZY. So I went down to Vortex to get some coffee this afternoon. While I was there I got a couple phone calls from an unknown 828 number. It happens, so I just ignored them.

15 minutes later I got a text from my wife with a picture of a UPS slip that he left on my door that said "Please call me ASAP." -- She was like "what the heck?" I guess she had gotten home and was going about her day.

So I called him and he told me this story about how he went by our house to deliver a package and the front door had blown open. I pulled it closed, but I guess not quite tight enough... We have four dogs. He saw two dogs just wandering around in front of our house by the street.

He checked the collar of our great dane and saw she belonged to our house so he put her inside. He tried to call our little Maltese over but he wouldn't come to him and eventually he had to leave. So he shut up the house and left the note.

So I call the wife in a panic and sure enough our little white dog isn't around. And she hasn't accounted for the other 2 dogs either. Oh no!!

So she's cursing me out and screaming, running out the front door looking for him. I'm running my ass off trying to get home to help her look. Thank goodness, she finds him a few minutes later in the neighbors yard a few houses down. But what of the last two dogs?! I didn't know yet.

So she runs frantically back in to the house. To our great relief, the last two are safely inside just chilling out. Everyone's safe.

Amazingly, the UPS guy comes BACK by 15 mins later just to check on us and to see if we had all our dogs. What an amazing dude!! Man I love this town (Asheville, NC) and everyone in it.

He totally saved our pups. And my life too, my wife would've killed me. Faith in humanity = restored.


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