Real Happiness - Try It Once

By Mukesh Mittal • April 21, 2015

I never thought that little help will turn out to be the most satisfying thing I have ever done till date. He was tired, in pain and struggling to climb further. With a broad smile, he wished me and asked if I could help him with some money. He was paralyzed in both legs and was raising funds for some operation. He said if operated successfully, he could attend a training guaranteeing him a job. I was full of doubts as everyday people play such gimmicks to extract money. I even asked him to show his legs. I gave him remaining money he needed. After few days, he again came at my doorstep asking for more money for tickets and lodging. This time I was more or less convinced he is conning me. I gave me him some said this is all I have.

Year went by and I had moved to a new locality. One fine day I got a call from an unknown number. Caller called out his name but I didn't recognize him. Then he said the same paralyzed person whom you helped a year back at xyz place.

Oh! Recognizing I asked him how he is doing. He said, “What sir, you recognize me not by my name but by my handicapped state”.

“With you kind help I am now able to stand on my legs without support. I was operated successfully. I am married to a beautiful lady and have a stable job".

I don't even remember if I gave him my phone number. However what he said next was touching. He said he wanted to return my money and how can he do that. He said he wanted to return it so that I didn't feel conned and continue to help people in need in the future. I don't know whether he read my facial expression the day I helped me but tears were running down my face. That day I promised him I will continue help people as and when I seen an opportunity - small or big. Truly a life changing event of my life


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