A Story Of Angels

By Alice • April 19, 2015

Last year, 2 days before Christmas, my friends called , saying that their kitchen had caught fire, destroying everything in their kitchen, including all their food. My friends are farm laborers from Mexico with 4 childeren, 9-15yrs. I drove to their house, taking what food I had, all their belongings was stacked in their front yard. They were so happy to see me, offering to make give me food in return. I went home, very upset, knowing I was really in a hard place financially and was unable to do more for them at that time. I called a friend of mine, relayed this story, who said.."these people mean a lot to you and I want to help them", (he had never met them). He had me go get dinner and take it to them and take the mom shopping for 300- of groceries, all on him anonymously.While at the check out at the grocery, I noticed we were going to be a few items over, which I had the clerk take back.As we were walking away, I hear a voice behind me asking the clerk, "How much are those things, I want to pay for them".I turned around, thanked the man kindly, told him that my friend house had burned, he said he understood as he had lost his job last year but was now working again. All of us went away with tears in our eyes..it was such a wonderful feeling, seeing folks step up when someone needed it, even a total stranger.


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