Formula For Life

By Madhura Mukherjee • April 18, 2015

Philosophers have philosophized, authors have written endlessly, scientists continue to surprise us with innovations everyday but nobody has been able to solve the mystery of life.

Four letters, one word that we strive to live but unable to find a formula.

I have been fortunate to meet thousands of people across the globe as I travel on training assignments but across the globe, irrespective of creed, caste, color, the quest to find the right way to live life continues.

However, as unique as each one of us are, there are some common traits that exist in all of us. Here is my attempt to creating my formula.

Dream big.

Without a dream one cannot aspire to achieve anything in life. Make your own vision board and keep giving shape to your dreams through pictures, words, colors. See them everyday and motivate yourself to achieve them.

Action plan.

Make your action plan. Go all out to implement them. After all time is precious and is leaving us behind even as we breathe.

Attitude of gratitude.

Be thankful for every achievement, small or big. The more grateful you are, the more the universe offers you.


Celebrate yourself. Celebrate those around you. Celebrate life. Happiness is contagious. The happier you are, the more the feeling of positivity. The more you feel positive, the more the passion to live life.

So dream, achieve, be thankful and celebrate.

That is how I live my life. Maybe you could too!


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