Being Happy- A State Of Mind!!

By Reshma Joel • April 15, 2015

As someone rightly said, "Don't look for happiness. Create it." We are in the constant rush to achieve things in life, that, at times we tend to forget the tiny moments which made us happy. Right from reading a good book, having light conversations with family & friends, to buying something which we have longed for, all of us have different reasons to be happy. The very essence of our lives is to be grateful and thankful for what life has taught us and also to face our tomorrow’s with a cheerful face. With the pace of our lives speeding up every single day, what all of us need to do is to dedicate some time to retrospect on the moments/people/things that made us happy on that day and be thankful for those wonderful moments.

After all, happy moments are what we live for.


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