Beautiful Dream

By Shweta Nandanwar • March 5, 2013

In everybody's life a time comes when we really need someone, as a friend for to share joy, happiness, laughter, for conversation, for dinner. She wanted someone and he is there for to talk, to listen when she was hurt, angry and upset. He was there as a friend and he spread his root deep inside her heart, mind and in her existence. He is the only person that she wanted to with her in all the time, he touches her life in such a way that she wanted to spend more and more time together. He is the only person she wanted to share her thought. He just wanted to be with her and she just wanted to be with him. He is perfect in his own way, but nothing real can ever be truly perfect. She had never experienced the thing like this before, she had her doubts and afraid of perfection. She felt comfortable and safe with her, she thought he is friend but she don't want to be just a friendĚ, she wanted to be so much more , she is curious about her feeling, is anybody truly exist like this. She wondered and feels anxious about her feeling. What if it is only a dream? When she opens her eyes, she was lying on warm bed, she woke up and she realized that it was just a dream, a beautiful dream that can be lasted with her forever. She blamed herself, why she has to wake up. She blamed herself for awakening, she should have kept sleeping. It was a painful awakening she should have stayed in beautiful dream. She laughs and hangs up laying her head down on pillow and slowly drifts off back to sleep.


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