Quality Time

By Carli • February 17, 2015

My husband has a demanding job. He leaves the house early in the morning, before the kids are awake and will come back home a little before supper time.

One of my big worries when we decided to have kids was that I'd be a "married single parent." We discussed it and he promised to be there as much as possible and that I wouldn't feel alone. He followed through his promise, he spends 90% of his free time with us. I was still very worried because the kids only spend about 15 hours a week with him while they spend all their time with me (stay at home mom.) However, this week end my 3 year old just proved me otherwise.

My husband was telling him that he'd become a geologist because he loves rocks and I said "nah, he'll become an engineer because he loves to understand and solve things." My son replies to both of us "nope, I want to be a dad, just like daddy." My husband asks him "what does a daddy do?" He says "a daddy plays with his babies, picks them up, puts them on his shoulder, reads them good night stories and gives them hugs." Instant smile and tears on both of us.

It kind of made me realize that it's not the time spent with a person but the quality of the time you spend with that person. My son could have said he wanted to be an (insert job here) like his dad since he knows what his dad does but he choose to pick the "profession" he sees his dad do. I'm do proud of those two.

So in life, always give the best quality time to the person you're spending time with, those are the moment they remember.

On a different note, my daughter still wants to be a tomato when she grows up (2 year olds sometimes...)


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